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Partner with Legacymakers to Create Generational Change

We educate and train families to create multi-generational impact. Donate now to positively impact thousands over the next 12 generations!

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Create Generational Change

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We firmly believe that Family is the foundation of society and if you look around the world today you can see the result of what happens when the family isn't operating as it was designed. All surface level issues we see today can be traced back to a breakdown in the family earlier on and from previous generations because it wasn't operating as it was designed and intended. Divorce, substance abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, fatherlessness, workaholism, etc.. All these issues and dilemmas stem from the family.

Therefore, we educate and train people and families to live with the end in mind, to live intentionally. In order to create positive, multi-generational impact for generations to come.

Our program teaches and disciples families to incorporate 3 PRIMARY principles into their every day life.

  1. Humility - a willingness to learn and grow.
  2. Intentionality - establishing the practice of regular evaluation, planning, and value implementation.
  3. Accepting that only through Christ and yielding to Him will they leave the legacy they are proud and can trust to pass on.

Our ultimate vision to see family restored to the way it was intended so that each generation should set its hope anew on God.

If you do the math, in 12 generations, an intentional family raising passionate followers of Christ can create over 16,000,000 passionate followers of Christ. IF, they are intentional.

Would you join and partner with us in creating not just change here and now(which is so visibly happening in the people and families we serve) but for generations beyond?

The impact that Legacymaker Families are creating is extraordinary.

We are excited to announce the creation of our new donor stewardship program and the utilization of this new, incredible tool.

Watch this short video to see the impact that is being made.